Manasai Dance, Central of Kalimantan 1o1

By Sanamira’s WOW Culture

Central Kalimantan has a unique culture that is quite impressive. Not only the traditional house and clothes are unique areas, but the traditions that they hold also interesting for us to know, which is Manasai Dance.

Communities in Central Kalimantan has a friendly personal. How did I know? Because since a long time ago Central Kalimantan has customary to greet guests who came to Central Kalimantan with a dance. The dance is what I have told you before, Manasai Dance.

This dance is dedicated to guests to symbolize the welcoming words. This dance is a form of ecstasy Central Kalimantan communities to welcome the guests that they respect.

Not only as a Welcoming dance, this dance is also commonly danced when the people of Central Kalimantan are celebrating something, like the town festivals. As shown below,



This dance is performed with the use of traditional clothing, bahalai (shawl), and a cloth tied around the head which is then inserted Bird Feather of Tingang and danced in a circle formation.

It is not limited by age. Manasai dance allow anyone at any age to join the dance in circle. By following the rhythm of the song accompaniment, the more people that join this dance make the dance in circle becoming bigger, bigger and bigger. With more and more involved in this dance, Manasai dance will be increasingly exciting and encouraging.

Lets go here and dance together folks 🙂


With love, Sanamira Aliazahra